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2016 Year End Report


Betsy Doughtie, Executive Director

Betsy Doughtie, Executive Director

2016 was on track to be a busy one for Deep Well.  Emergency assistance through the end of the 3rd quarter reflected the usual challenges our clients have living and working in a resort economy.  AND THEN HURRICANE MATTHEW HIT!

A review of our 2016 annual expenditures clearly emphasizes that The Deep Well Project is on the front lines providing basic services and emergency assistance in our community.  Highlights include:

  •      Food donations set an all-time record valued at $268,000, spiking in the 4th quarter after Hurricane Matthew.  This is over 2 1/2 times our 15 year average.
  •      Even with the outstanding generosity of food donations, Deep Well spent an additional $20,000 to bolster specific food needs.
  •      Supplying water, the most basic of human needs, was up 135% over prior year. 
  •      Shelter needs were great in 2016, especially after Hurricane Matthew's impact.  Short term rent assistance to clients approached $150,000 for the year, the    highest since the Great Recession of 2008-09.  And, emergency motel housing costs absorbed by Deep Well (separate from rent help) set an all time record topping $20,000 - over 2 1/2 times what is spent in a normal year.
  •      Basic utility payments were tracking fairly low for the year, until the storm hit.  October - December they exploded to almost 150% over 2015.
  •      Holiday assistance, always a peak time for Deep Well, was especially meaningful this year to our clients.  Being able to supply 359 Thanksgiving dinners, 344 Christmas dinners, and Christmas gifts to 769 children from 405 families brought joy to people who were feeling as battered as our Island's sand dunes and trees.
  •      Hurricane specific aid, provided in the 2.5 month window following resident re-entry, hit almost $80,000 for Deep Well.  The majority of aid expenditures went to emergency rent for families rendered homeless due to storm damage to their house, apartment, or mobile home.

Hurricane Matthew "triage aid" for basic services was clearly the most impactful event of 2016 for Deep Well.  We expect home repair by our Livable Housing team, and funding assistance - working with other community groups to also repair and rebuild homes - to be the story of 2017.  Your generosity has brought food, heat, light, shelter, and hope to hundreds in our Island community who were affected by Hurricane Matthew.  On behalf of our staff, and Board of Directors, I send my deepest thanks to all of you who make it possible for Deep Well to continue our mission.

Betsy Doughtie, Executive Director
The Deep Well Project