We Provide Groceries Year Round.  
And Special Meals During the Holidays.

Deep Well has long fulfilled this basic need — a need that can occur any time of the year.  Our pantry is stocked with non-perishables and our refrigerators and freezers store meats, vegetables and dairy products.  In our new facility, we have room for a self-select area, where clients can shop for their families.  we continue to deliver food to clients who are unable to come in.

Who gets help?  And how?   Individuals in need of food may call Deep Well, speak with a volunteer to see if certain criteria are met, and arrange to come in and shop or for a food delivery.  We consider a number of pre-determined criteria in approving a client request and even try to accommodate those with special dietary needs.  One simple requirement is a working telephone number to assure someone is home when the delivery is made.  When a the request is approved, and a delivery is needed, selected foods are quickly picked off our pantry shelves, bagged and delivered by volunteers using their own vehicles.


Where do we get our food?  For the most part, it is donated by individuals, merchants and hundreds of local organizations who regularly run food drives for Deep Well — religious institutions, schools, neighborhoods, bridge clubs, civic organizations . . . the list is long.  For example, Panera Bread  donates a variety of baked goods regularly.  And fresh vegetables and fruit usually come from the Heritage Farm in Sea Pines or from Second Helpings.  The balance of food needed — around 15% — is purchased by Deep Well.

 Typical Food Delivery -- A Week of Food for a Small Family

Rice (1-2 lbs), canned potatoes, green beans, corn & other vegetables, canned beans and fruit, juice, mac & cheese, spaghetti or other pasta and sauce, 1-2 "meals-in-one", 3-4 soups, tuna fish, peanut butter, corn muffin mix, cookies or cake (when available), canned tomatoes, evaporated milk, flour, cereal, grits or oatmeal, hamburger helper, canned pasta meals, chicken and venison or ground beef, milk, eggs, cheese, hot dogs, bologna, frozen juice, butter and breads and bagels.    



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