How Can You Help?  Let Your Imagination Be Your Guide.

Take a look at these ideas other friends of Deep Well have thought of.

"In Lieu of a Gift . . . "

Recently, a friend of Deep Well was celebrating a special birthday.  She and her husband hosted a party for friends, but they didn't want guests to bring a gift.  They considered adding "No Gifts, Please." to the invitation.  But, like many of us who are invited to milestone parties here on Hilton Head — whether a 65th or 75th or 90th birthday, or a 50th wedding anniversary — the experience has been that many folks still bring a gift.  So, they added "In lieu of a gift, feel free to bring a donation for Deep Well -- food or a monetary donation."  No pressure.  No hype.  The result?  In addition to food, they raised nearly $1,000.  Everyone at the party had a good time and, thanks to their generosity, Deep Well clients will be better off, too.

If you don't want to focus on a single charity, even though it's near and dear to your heart, you could use a variation on this theme . . . something like this:  "In lieu of a gift, feel free to bring a donation for Deep Well, or your favorite charity.  We'll see that it gets into the right hands."


If you have a good idea, let us know by e-mail so that we can share it with others.