Volunteer:  on a regular or occasional basis.

No matter how you'd like to be involved, there is an opportunity that will suit your schedule and desires.   Take a look at the following opportunities, then contact us — you'll join the hundreds of islanders who contribute thousands of hours.  And each and every person . . . and hour . . . is needed!


Work in Our Office

 volunteers work in 4 hour shifts, monday through friday interviewing clients needing emergency help.

volunteers work in 4 hour shifts, monday through friday interviewing clients needing emergency help.

Our office volunteers are the "front line" in meeting and helping our clients — those in need. Working four-hour shifts (either from 9AM to 1PM, or 1PM to 5PM) the office volunteers answer phones and/or meet walk-in clients as the first form of contact. They document client needs — everything pertinent to their request for help — then follow-up by validating those needs so a support decision can be made quickly and thoroughly.

Perhaps you can't commit to a regular schedule, but you could help out occasionally. That would be great, because we're always in need of "substitute" office volunteers who can take over when our "regulars" are unable to work on their assigned day. There is a brief training session, so you can quickly be brought up to speed on your role and its requirements. Usually, sitting in for a session with a regular also gives you a good feel for how things work. 


Work in our Food Pantry

We have at least one food delivery volunteer every weekday. Whether working as an individual, or pairing up with a friend, they come into our office at the appointed time (it may vary from day to day), pick up their assignments (usually average deliveries to two-five families daily), and then pack up the groceries as required. Then they make the deliveries, directly to the client's  home.

Pantry volunteer.JPG

As in the case, of office workers, we're always in need of substitutes, too. 


On-Call Opportunities

Deep Well also maintains a list of people we can call on who are willing to do a variety of jobs that don't occur on a regular basis. For example, you might be needed to drive a client (who otherwise has no transportation) to a medical appointment. Or help us shop for clothing and shoes. 

We're also always in need of volunteers (usually men) who have strong backs and can help us with pickups of furniture that's being donated. We have the truck . . .  we need the muscle.



Livable Housing

This program welcomes anyone with handyman, around-the-house skills who can help us with repairs and renovations of local houses and mobile homes. Skills needed:  carpentry/building, plumbing, electrical. We need your help! 





Holidays and Other "One-Time" Jobs

 All Saints Episcopal Church

All Saints Episcopal Church

There are even more volunteer opportunities for those who can't give time on a regular basis.  For example, in November and December — our busiest time of the year —  we need help in many ways, on many days:
     — food drive assistance
     — packing and delivering holiday food
     — helping stock and re-stock our "Santa Shop" during early December

From time to time, we'll have other special needs, so feel free to check anytime to see how you can help. 



Our strong Hispanic population requires that we have Spanish-speaking volunteers. In large part, this work can be done right from your home, with Deep Well giving you the phone number of a client for you to contact, obtain the required client information, then call, fax or e-mail it in to our office. 

To volunteer  e-Mail us at dwprojecthhi@gmail.com,