Deep Well's "Santa Shop"

Every December, the multi-purpose space in Deep Well's new facility at 80 Capital Drive is transformed into a wonderful shop of toys, books and games of all sorts, as well as clothes of all sizes — all so that qualifying low-income and needy families can come in and shop for their children.  Although Deep Well has helped make the holidays special for thousands of of children through the years, the debut of the "Santa Shop" in 2013 was a smashing success. Why?  Because it empowered families to have a greater involvement in their children's Christmas, with the opportunity to select the items they knew their children would like best.  And the kids were more surprised than ever!  Click below to see how our donors and you make the magic happen from start to finish.

Another reason for the Santa Shop's success has been the generosity of individuals and organizations on Hilton Head Island.  Their individual gifts and numerous toy drives have always been the keys to make this and other Deep Well programs a real value to the community.  Some look at it as "giving back", some help "just because" — no matter the reasons, the spirit of giving is alive and well here.  Islanders helping islanders is not only a miracle of the holidays, but the year round!  Click on "Islanders Helping Islanders" under the "How We Help" tab above to see more pictures. 

Our "elves" work to change the space from this --

Our "elves" work to change the space from this --

Families begin to register for the Santa Shop and a "Christmas Basket" meal on Saturdays in November.

to this!

to this!

Last year, over 900 children ages one through 12, were able to select:

-- a toy from each of two categories
-- two books
-- an outfit or piece of outerwear
-- a ball or similar recreational gift
-- a game or stuffed animal
-- a bag of stocking stuffers



Here's a List of Gift Ideas for The Santa Shop

Items Popular in our Santa Shop, for children ages 1-12:

Art kits/ Art supplies

BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS (we give every child at least one age appropriate book)

Baby strollers (with baby dolls included)

Cars and trucks (without batteries required)

Craft kits

Dolls of all Ethnicities (Barbie dolls are not very popular with our clients) Dress up clothing and jewelry

Jewelry and jewelry making kits Grocery carts with artificial food

Lego Sets Makeup appropriate for the "tween" age group

Plush throws and pillows Princess items

Puzzles and Games (traditional and some new ones listed below) Sesame Street dolls

Scooters Skateboards

Small riding toys Sports balls (mainly soccer)

Stuffed animals (every young child gets one) Star Wars themed items

Super Hero items (Spiderman, Superman and Wonder Woman)


Spot it Square Up, Googly Eyes Headbandz, Speak Out Pie Face

ON THE PRACTICAL SIDE:  kid's clothing, including jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, zippered hoodies, etc.