Furniture and appliances, medical assistance and hurricane preparedness



Furniture and appliances

A range of donated items is available to those eligible clients who simply cannot afford an essential item, particularly when emergency replacement is required.




Medical assistance: 

providing medicines, personal hygiene items, and more

As in other areas of support, help with medicines is granted on an individual basis.  In most cases, a valid prescription is necessary.  Deep Well does not fill opioid prescriptions.  Deep Well also provides referral support and works in concert with organizations such as Volunteers in Medicine (VIM).  Often, special medical needs most people take for granted are simply not affordable for families earning marginal incomes.  And, without our help, there can be tragic consequences.  We've provided emergency dental care, medicines and assistance with eyeglasses.  In addition, as a preventative aid, we are able to provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, nutritional supplements, sanitary products and other personal hygiene items, often including them with food deliveries.


We need diapers and wipes.

Diapers in all sizes are appreciated, but sizes 3, 4 and 5 are the most requested.


We need toothbrushes.

We give one out to each family member with each food delivery.

Scholarship Application:

Scholarship Help at Technical College of the Lowcounty

While TCL and government grants can often cover 100% of tuition costs while people earn a trade or nursing certification or degree- sometimes students have other barriers keeping them from secondary education and a lucrative and meaningful career.

With the average age of TCL students being 27 years of age, Deep Well Project may be able to help with these barriers, allowing non-traditional college students a hand up.  Transportation and daycare assistance are examples of some of the ways Deep Well's Scholarship Program, via TCL classes, can help students get the education they need to secure and retain careers with better playing/less seasonal work options.

Click HERE to access the Deep Well Project Scholarship Application. 

Questions? Just ring our office Monday-Friday 9am-5pm: 843-785-2849




Hurricane preparedness

Read about hurricanes, the US "Watch & Warning" system and understand what you'll have to do in an emergency.  


You can get all the details — easy to read and understand — at 


Here are some key pieces of info for our local clients, volunteers, donors and neighbors in the greater Hilton Head community.


1. Listen for alerts:  on the radio, WJWJ 89.9FM, part of the ETV network covering Beaufort/Hilton Head


2. Program these important numbers into your cell phone:

  • American Red Cross:  1-866-438-4636

  • Hispanic Outreach of South Carolina:  1-803-419-5112

  • Public Information Phone System (activated only when needed):  1-866-246-0133


3. Follow evacuation instructions:  


If you have a vehicle:

To get off Hilton Head Island, follow either US 278 (William Hilton Parkway) or the Cross Island Parkway toll road.  Where the two roads merge, a third lane will be formed using the inside eastbound lane of US 278 to carry the traffic from the toll road.  Once you've crossed the bridges over the Intracoastal Waterway, traffic will use the normal three westbound lanes of US 278 and continue on that road, or to I-95, or SC 170.



If you don't have your own reliable transportation:

Evacuation shuttle pick-up points are:

  • 151 Gumtree Road (in front of the Boys & Girls Club)

  • 173 Marshland Road (in front of the Sea Island Chapel)

  • 430 William Hilton Parkway (in front of Pineland Station)

  • 450 Spanish Wells Road (in front of Grace Community Church)

  • 24 Pope Avenue (in front of Holy Family Catholic Church)

  • 663 William Hilton Parkway (in front of Hilton Head Resort)



If you're going to a shelter by bus:

  • You must have photo identification.

  • No furniture, alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons.

  • You cannot take pets.

  • Only one bag or suitcase per person will be allowed.

  • Bring all medications and medical supplies.

  • Bring special baby supplies if needed.

  • Bring food and money for at least 3 days.








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