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Helping people keep a roof over their heads

A variety of repair and improvement services, all provided primarily by volunteers, is considered on an individual needs basis.  All situations are researched, and determinations are made in a knowledgeable, understanding and fair manner.  The home must be owner-occupied to be considered for the program. 


A dedicated volunteer crew performs the labor, using light fixtures, cabinets, electrical switches, outlets, wire, piping, paint, fasteners and the like from our Livable Housing warehouse.  Many of the materials come from donations.  In a typical year, this group of volunteers logs nearly 4,500 hours on a range of projects to make homes safe and "livable."



Projects have included:

  • Installation of wheelchair ramps and lifts

  • Flooring repairs

  • Caulking

  • Installation of new bathroom fixtures, including related plumbing

  • Kitchen repairs, including cabinetry, plumbing and flooring

  • Window repair and weather-proofing.

  • Steps and Porches

  • Roof repairs




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