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How can you help?  Let your imagination be the guide.

Event donations

Create your own personal Deep Well “event!"   Maybe you’re planning a block party, BBQ or oyster roast in your neighborhood or for friends …. Or maybe you’re hosting a Heritage Golf party, a Halloween party or a holiday party…. Turn it into a Deep Well donation event!   Invite people coming to your event to skip the traditional hostess gift and instead bring items for the Deep Well Project Wellness Food Pantry.  Or if it’s close to the holidays, make it a toy or children’s book event, which is especially fun for people who may not have little ones in the house anymore, but love shopping for children.  Speaking of children, we’ve been the beneficiary of a number of children’s birthday parties, with the young party attendees bringing their favorite cereal, healthy snack or cake mixes as their gift to the party, then the birthday child delivers all the goodies to the Deep Well Pantry in honor of his/her birthday — what a marvelous way to help children understand the joy of being a recipient and a giver!




Here's an example...


"In lieu of a gift . . . "

Recently, a friend of Deep Well was celebrating a special birthday.  She and her husband hosted a party for friends, but they didn't want guests to bring a gift.  They considered adding "No gifts, please" to the invitation.  But, like many of us who are invited to milestone parties here on Hilton Head — whether a 65th, 75th or 90th birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary — the experience has been that many folks still bring a gift.  So, they added "In lieu of a gift, feel free to bring a donation for Deep Well — food or a monetary donation."  No pressure.  No hype.  The result?  In addition to food, they raised nearly $1,000.  Everyone at the party had a good time and, thanks to their generosity, Deep Well clients will be better off, too.


If you don't want to focus on a single charity, even though it's near and dear to your heart, you could use a variation on this theme . . . something like this:  "In lieu of a gift, feel free to bring a donation for Deep Well, or your favorite charity.  We'll see that it gets into the right hands."




If you have a good idea, let us know by e-mail so that we can share it with others. 


Neighbors feel the benefit of your donations in many ways.

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