Volunteer on a regular or occasional basis

No matter how you'd like to be involved, there's an opportunity that will suit your schedule and desires.  Take a look at the following opportunities, and then contact us.  You'll join the hundreds of volunteers who collectively contribute thousands of hours.


Each and every person...and hour...is needed.



To volunteer, please email us at volunteer@deepwellproject.org
Work in our office
Work in our office



Our office volunteers are the "front line" in meeting and helping our clients - those in need.  Working four-hour shifts (either from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.), the office volunteers answer phones and/or meet walk-in clients as the first point of contact.  They document client needs  everything pertinent to their request for help — and then follow up by validating those needs so that a support decision can be made quickly and thoroughly.


Perhaps you can't commit to a regular schedule, but you could help out occasionally.  That would be great, because we're always in need of "substitute" office volunteers who can take over when our "regulars" are unable to work on their assigned days.  There is a training session, so you can quickly be brought up to speed on your role and its requirements.  Usually, sitting in for a session with a regular also gives you a good feel for how things work.   


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Work in our food pantry
Work in our food pantry

Our self-select pantry needs volunteers as shopping escorts when clients are scheduled to shop.  We also provide delivery of food to those who are unable to come to the pantry.  In addition, our food volunteers sort and shelve food as it comes in each day. 


Food volunteers usually work a specific day each week.



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On-call opportunities
On-call opportunities

Deep Well also maintains a list of people we can call on who are willing to do a variety of jobs that don't occur on a regular basis.  For example, shopping for specific food items, sorting food after a large food drive, or shopping for clothing or shoes for a specific client.






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Livable Housing
Livable Housing

This program welcomes anyone with handyman, around-the-house skills who can help us with repairs and renovations of local houses and mobile homes. Skills greatly helpful:  carpentry/building, plumbing and electrical.


We need your help! 






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Holidays and other one-time jobs
Holidays and other one-time jobs

There are even more volunteer opportunities for those who can't give time on a regular basis.  For example, in November and December (our busiest time of the year), we need help in many ways, on many days:
     — assisting with the food drive 
     — packing and delivering holiday food
     — helping to stock and re-stock our "Santa Shop" during early December

From time to time, we'll have other special needs, so feel free to check anytime to see how you can help. 






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Our strong Hispanic population requires that we have Spanish-speaking volunteers. In large part, this work can be done right from your home.  Deep Well would give you the client's phone number, and you would call and obtain the required information and then call, fax or e-mail it into our office. 






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Neighbors feel the benefit of your donations in many ways.