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Keeping children engaged, healthy and safe
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Providing support to families in need often means special support for children ages 1 through 12.


Our children's programs are designed to help them stay engaged in school, to give them the food and medicines they need to stay healthy, and to provide surprises during the holidays that put smiles on their faces for days.


The food support is addressed in other sections on this website ("Food" and "Furniture and other special services").




Prescription medicines

Often, parents simply cannot afford the needed prescription medicines for their children.  Based on referrals from schools and parents, Deep Well steps in to help by directly paying for medicine.  The most typically requested drugs are antibiotics, asthma medication and hyper-activity medication.  Deep Well also supplies lice kits and personal hygiene items to schools.  And, while it's not medicine, Deep Well also provides diapers and related hygiene items for infants and toddlers.




All schools on Hilton Head Island require students to wear uniforms.  Although they can be as simple as specified shirt types and colors and specific skirts/trousers, the costs can often be beyond many already-stretched budgets.  Since 2010, our program has helped over 11,000 children with uniforms and supplies.  


Each year, Deep Well provides uniform shirts and school supplies for each student in a client's family.  The shirts and supplies go a long way toward easing the strain on a family's budget.




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