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How you can help Circles HHI

Become a Circle Leader

A Circle Leader is an individual or family who is committed to moving out of poverty and reaching 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. In order to be called “Circle Leaders,” participants complete Circle Leader Training, and they share their stories in order to support systemic changes within the community.

Become a Circle Ally

A Circle Ally is a person who volunteers to assist a Circle Leader in achieving his or her goals to leave poverty. Allies and Circle Leaders have an intentional friendship. Each Circle Leader is assigned two Allies.




Join a Resource Team

A Resource Team is a group of community volunteers who serve on the five teams that support each Circles community.  

Learn more about Circles

Circles USA works at national and local levels to reduce poverty. A Circles USA chapter gathers people who are motivated to move out of poverty and matches them with middle-income and high-income volunteers who can support and encourage them on their journey.


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